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Educational Experience

List all the schools that you have attended (regardless of whether you earned a degree or credits). For each school, provide (1) the name of the school, (2) the city, state/province and country where the school is located, (3) when you attended the school, (4) degree received, if any, (5) date you received the degree, and (6) GPA (Grade Point Average). If you need space to insert more schools, click the "⊕ Add" button.


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Professional Counselor Experience


Employment History

List your employment history. Begin with your current or most recent employers. For each employer, provide (1) the name of the employer, (2) the city, province/state and country where you worked, (3) your date of employment, and (4) your position in the company. If you need space to insert more employers, click the "⊕ Add" button.


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Additional Information


Financial Aid

If yes, enter the potential amounts of funds (in United States Dollars) available to you for the whole program from each source listed below:


Professional Standards and Conduct

The academic programs at Rosemead seek to promote the highest standards of ethical and legal professional standards of counselor conduct. Students who do not meet the professional and ethical standards of Rosemead’s programs are subject to dismissal from the program.


Articles of Faith

Please read the Biola University Articles of Faith and Theological Distinctives ( In making application to become a student at Biola University a student must affirm the following seven core theological components of Biola's Articles of Faith:

  1. Belief in the Trinity
  2. Belief in the full deity and humanity of Christ
  3. Belief in the spiritual lostness of the human race
  4. Belief in the substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection of Christ
  5. Belief in salvation by faith in Christ alone
  6. Believe in the physical return of Christ
  7. Belief in the authority and inerrancy of Scripture

Each student must affirm that he or she has read the above document, and desires to study in and be spiritually informed in an environment where these positions are embraced and taught.


Community Standards for Graduate Students

Biola reserves the right to dismiss a student who, in its judgment, does not conform either to the stated regulations governing student conduct or the expressed principles, policies, and programs of the University. I pledge myself to abide by the regulations of the administration and faculty; to protect the good name of the school; to preserve and protect the physical properties of the University; and to cooperate with all members of the University family in maintaining a spirit of Christian fellowship.

Biola University has a long recognized value in maintaining certain behavioral standards that contribute to the atmosphere on campus, foster fellowship with a wide range of Christians and, in many instances, assist in strengthening our Christian testimony to our community. In this light, Biola asks its students to be supportive of this standard. Please read the Community Standards for Graduate Students ( and indicate your intent to abide by these agreements.



Please affirm the following before you submit your application.


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