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Certificate in Integrative Counseling

Our Mission

The mission of the Rosemead School of Psychology global online Certificate in Integrative Counseling is to help Christians integrate a Christian worldview with compassionate, effective counseling practice. We seek to equip our students to use a biblically based, empirically supported, and culturally sensitive integrative counseling approach to address unmet mental health needs worldwide, both in the Christian community and in society at large.

Christian counselors around the world have a heart to serve the people around them, both in the Christian community and in society at large. However, many feel the need for more systematic counselor education and training, with a special desire to learn how to better integrate their Christian faith with compassionate, effective counseling for both Christians and non-Christians.

Biola University’s Rosemead School of Psychology, in partnership with the Institute for the Advancement of Counseling Excellence (iACE), is offering a global online Certificate in Integrative Counseling program that seeks to equip students in Asia and other parts of the world to use a biblically and evidence based counseling approach to impact unmet mental health needs. This Certificate program offers courses and practicum training in Chinese (普通话) and in English.


The unique features of this program include:

  • It trains students to use an approach to Christian counseling that is rooted in a solid biblically based Christian worldview and blends the best of CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) and interpersonal therapies.
  • It is taught online, giving students living anywhere in the world access to an international quality of education and training.
  • It includes four foundational courses focused on essential knowledge and practical skills that will lead to a basic Certificate in Integrative Counseling.
  • Licensed counselors may earn a Professional Certificate in Integrative Counseling by completing two additional courses involving online case consultation while working with actual clients in an innovative “virtual practicum clinic.”
  • Its part-time format is designed to suit the schedules of adults with jobs and family responsibilities.
  • It is offered in a bilingual (Chinese-English), culturally sensitive format.
  • It will be taught by experienced Biola University professors, including Dr. Clark Campbell, former Dean of the Rosemead School of Psychology, and Dr. Martha Chiu, Rosemead School of Psychology Professor and Director of the Certificate in Integrative Counseling program.



Introduction to Integrative Counseling2
Foundations of Assessment2
Integrative Counseling Interventions I2
Integrative Counseling Interventions II2
Note: The below courses are restricted to professional already licensed counselors.
Virtual Practicum Clinic I2
Virtual Practicum Clinic II2


Start Date
We are not accepting new applications at this time. When we have more specific information, it will be provided.


Tuition is currently set at an introductory discounted rate. The cost for the 8-credit basic Certificate in Integrative Counseling is US$3,480, which includes the four foundational courses at only US$870 per course. The cost for the 12-credit Professional Certificate in Integrative Counseling (for licensed counselors) is only US$5,460 and includes two additional Virtual Practicum Clinic courses with slightly higher tuition (US$990 per course) due to smaller class sizes and the intensive, personalized online case consultation involved.

If you are interested in this program, don’t let financial concerns stop you from applying:

  • Tuition payment is spread out over time. Students will pay for each course (e.g., US$870), one at a time, by the first week of instruction.
  • Scholarship aid may be available for qualified students.


Who should apply?
You are encouraged to apply if

  1. you are a Chinese-speaking or English-speaking Christian with an interest in learning to integrate a Christian worldview with compassionate, effective counseling,
  2. you have a demonstrated interest in helping others, and
  3. you can use a computer and the internet reasonably well.


Application Deadline
We are not accepting new applications at this time.


At a Glance

  • Integration of faith and high quality counselor training
  • Graduate level courses offered by a top U.S. Christian university
  • Flexibility of online courses and case consultation
  • Offered in Chinese and English